Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pon Farr?

I've been terrible about writing on here. Well, I sort of manage to write about once a week. :)

This past week was interesting. Sean has been back to his old ways of throwing a fit in the morning and refusing to stop. He's also been doing it some at other times of the day but mostly in the morning. On Thursday it was VERY bad. It seemed fairly obvious that it had to do with school and he finally said it did with no prompting from us. So we spoke with his teacher after school on Thursday afternoon. He had solved part of it himself during the day by asking to be moved to a different group. All seemed well for several days. Then today he started again. Sunday--school tomorrow, here we go again. Testing the waters to see if he will be successful trying to stay home, which got nipped in the bud. Throwing a fit and being rude about things that have nothing whatsoever to do with school. This is getting ridiculous. I realize he's only 11 but I'm starting to think he's going through pon farr. This too shall pass--maybe when he's 25 or so. Meanwhile, Mom is losing her mind. *grin*

Not much else going on in our corner of the world. I hope everybody else had a good weekend and will have a great week to come.

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