Saturday, March 19, 2011

Such A Nice Weekend

After my last post I have to write and say that we are having a lovely weekend so far.

Friday Sean was out of school for grading day. He actually let his father sleep without interruption which was very nice since John didn't get home from work until after 5am. When he got up they went to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch and then went to see The Green Hornet. I stayed home and relaxed and listened to the sounds of the landscapers outside. When they got home we had a nice calm evening as well.

Today was absolutely wonderful. John and I got to sleep until after 11am which was very nice since we didn't get to bed until about 2:30am. I did wake up to make breakfast for the boy but then he let us both sleep. We went to In-n-Out for lunch which was quite a splurge but sometimes you've just gotta say "What the heck" and do it. LOL After that we went to Wal-Mart as we needed a new lamp since Sean's went out after the last time we lost power and we gave him the one from the living room. My lamp also went out at the same time but I had another one. I haven't been able to use it though since we didn't have a proper bulb for it. We were extremely lucky to be able to get a lamp for $12.97. It's a combination lamp. It has a torchiere top and then has an adjustable reading lamp on the side. It's great because the lamp location is next to the table where John does his recording. With the reading lamp he can adjust it directly to where he needs it. So our living room is once again flooded with light instead of being dim like it has been. After we got home we were sitting out on the balcony and John remembered that tonight was the "supermoon" so we decided to head out east to watch it rise over the Rincons. It wasn't very super but it was pretty. On the way back we decided to stop and get pizza at Domino's since they have a deal going on right now. Then I saw a Mama's Pizza that we didn't know about. John turned around to go there and it was touch and go whether there was going to be a fight in the car or not. When we left the house I was going to run back in and put my jeans and shoes on but they wanted to leave right away--mind you, it takes me all of three minutes to do that. Anyway, I went in what I had on which was the ratty old pair of faded shorts I wear around the house when it's hot and a pair of mules that have seen better days since I accidentally wore them to the pool and they got wet. I just wear them to go out on the balcony, do laundry, check mail, but never in the public view. In other words, I looked like crap and these two are telling me don't worry about it. I said NAY-NAY. We had Domino's. *grin* Then we built the lamp and just basically had a great evening at home. Sean built a Lego vehicle from the Ninjago line and I "helped" him. All I did was sit there and hand him pieces and helped him with one attachment that he wasn't seeing. Very different from several years ago when "help" meant that mom built while he sat there asking if it was done yet.

Now for the icing on the cake. It cooled down tonight and we've been home with the door and all the windows open so it is less than 80 degrees in the house for the first time in over a week. I may actually turn back into a normal human being. :)

So things are looking up in our corner of the world. I hope everybody else is having a nice weekend as well.


Karen said...

Glad things are looking up!! We are all feeling a bit better about life here, too. is Josh's birthday and we had to cancel the party because Leah woke up sick this morning and her cousin was also sick in the night. With all the immune system issues going on in my family these days it seemed prudent to postpone until next week. I'll have to leave Albany around 10AM next Sunday to get home in time. Oh, well, that's probably about the time I would be leaving anyway. Just had an early dinner (Chinese, as per orders of the birthday boy) and now will have cake. 6PM is church for the boy and me, he is serving Mass and I am the designated driver. Always something!!

Wilma said...

Sorry about the two sick ones. :( Glad Josh is having a good birthday anyway. Tell him to look at it this way: Now his birthday gets to go on for a week instead of just one day. *grin* My guys are out and I'm just kicking back relaxing.