Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A special friend
     is hard to find.
     A friend who I can talk to.
         Someone who understands
                        my moods,
                        my silence and
                        my distance.
                              A person who accepts just me~
                                  not who they want me to be,
                                  not who I could be,
                                  but just who I am.
                                        These friends are very special.
                                                  I have a few and
                                                    I hope
                                                      to have them.................

by Wilma J. Sargent


Anonymous said...

Sis.. love the poem.. and love you!! huggs.. and yes.. i read some of the blogs.. huggs!!


Wilma said...

Thanks, Sissy! I love you too.

Kate said...

very true!

Karen said...

Wilma...nice poem! I am not much of a poetry person but I like this one. Simply and clearly stated. Having to figure out what a poem is REALLY saying is too much like English class.


Wilma said...

Thanks, Katie! I thought you might like it.

Wilma said...

Thank you, Karen. I know what you mean about interpreting poetry. The thing about it is that what other people think is never what the writer was thinking about. I remember when John was in college he wrote one that started out, "Red, green, blue, yellow and gold The colors of childhood......" and went on from there. His teacher read it and then told him to tell the class what it was about. Teacher was one of those pompous types who thought he could analyze any poem and be right. He went into some long, drawn-out explanation and John just laughed at him and said, "I was looking at two Batman and Robin figures I have on my desk and wrote about them." Nowhere in it did it mention either one but if you knew what it was about you could see it. LOL My poetry is words and ideas like a story but written in poetry form. :)