Friday, May 27, 2011

In Honor of My Father on Memorial Day


The specter of war
Hangs overhead
Unnoticed by the innocents.
To them, it is only greedy warlords
Bickering over a boundary,
And, in compliance, they laugh at such pettiness.

Not so for those who remember
Torn and battered men,
Delirious and troubled minds,
Months of loneliness,
Sinking ships,
Sleepless night and "daisy-cutters,"
Fear and hate,
Anguished hearts of mothers.

These are enduring memories.

by PNCM Millard B. Sargent USNR

This poem was written by my father in the mid-1960s when the Vietnam War was gearing up to full-tilt. He was a Navy veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.


MsCaroline said...

Wilma, such a great summing-up of the anguish of war for those who are in the thick of it. Those of us 'innocents' who are not out there laying our lives on the line really do tend to take for granted what our soldiers/sailors are going through out there.
Thanks for sharing this on Memorial Day weekend....

Wilma said...

You're welcome, Carolyne. I'm glad you enjoyed it. My father would be pleased.

Karen said...

I thank you, too, Wilma. I can't wait to share it with Neil. He is currently engrossed in watching Patton and I don't want to interrupt. He is rapt!
My favorite part starts at the "torn and battered men, delirious and troubled minds." Such powerful words!


Wilma said...

Thank you, Karen. I hope Neil enjoys it too.