Thursday, April 14, 2011

AIMS Testing Is Over, HALLELUJAH!!!!

I am so grateful that it finished today. Now I don't have to hear about what a waste of time tests are and how much Sean hates them for another year. YIPPEE!!! Tonight he actually said to me, "I really don't mind tests, Mom." Yeah, sure, now that they're over after you've done nothing but complain about them since Sunday. LOL I have to admit that I pulled out the old, "When I was young we walked to school 10 miles uphill both ways" deal when he was complaining. I spoke nothing but the truth though. He was truly amazed when I told him that we did all of our testing in two days. Started in the morning at first bell and finished just before last bell and had NO snack break. His response, "That's unfair. No snack. I bet you were upset about that, huh?" Nope. Food wasn't allowed in our classrooms so the thought never even crossed our minds. It also never crossed our minds that it was unfair that we didn't get out early on Wednesday during testing week since we never did anyway which absolutely boggles Sean's mind.

This kid is too smart though. Now his question is "Why do we have to keep going to school until the end of May? It's already over since they've already tested us." I tried to explain to him about the laws of having to go to school a certain number of days and I had to reiterate that it is NOT over and that he must do his homework for the rest of the year because it counts towards the grades. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff. It's certainly not from me. I was one of those crazy kids that liked school for the most part and just did what was asked of me mostly without question. With this one it's a constant struggle even though he can do it and is bright. Definitely a cause of tension between the two of us sometimes. He's doing better though and so am I. It's still a precarious dance but I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Not much else going on in this corner of the world. Hope yours is going well.


Kate said...

we never got breaks in our testing except for lunch. the only food we were allowed to take was one year my first grade teacher gave us smarties (to make us smart lol).

Wilma said...

And you didn't go to school in the dark ages like I did. LOL Too funny about the smarties. I love those things. Actually have some sitting on my table right now, believe it or not. :) Sean takes Doritos, goldfish and Mario fruit chews. Occasionally he will take another type of chip but not often. Total creature of habit.