Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Stuff My Nightmares Are Made Of

Boy Falls From Roller Coaster

Hug your children a little closer tonight. This is so scary to me. When Sean was 4 years I rode with him on the Sea Dragon at a carnival up in the Safeway lot. It went higher than we thought and he started to slide and would have fallen under the safety bar if I hadn't wrapped my arm around him and held on for dear life. Thank God I was holding him or we wouldn't have our son either. I have periodically had nightmares about this ever since. My heart goes out to this family. Please pray for them as they struggle through this hardest time of their lives.


Karen said...

You got it, Wilma. Terrible when we see our nightmares come true. Thank God you held Sean tight! It's late, I'm to bed!

Mel R said...

Oh so very sad. I just can't imagine. As much as I used to love coasters myself, I cringe every time Brenna gets on them even now that she's a "big kid". We passed a parking lot carnival last week and she fiercely begged to go but I just can't bring myself to let her go on parking lot rides. I don't trust them since they are always packing up and moving.

Wilma said...

We sometimes go to them if we have the money. I admit to having a soft spot for them as my grampa was a carnie when my mother was a little girl. Their equipment is actually quite safe. The tragedies that you hear about all the time are very rarely at a travelling show but at a permanent location.