Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patrol 1 Update And Other News

For those of you following the saga of Patrol 1, things are definitely looking up. The patrol division out of Phoenix takes over on the 22nd. The white shirts are GONE as well as the button-down. The patrol drivers are all getting polo shirts. Not sure what color yet as John should be getting his today IF he can get through the downtown traffic and IF he can get through to the office on the phone to see if anyone will still be there once he makes it through the afore-mentioned downtown traffic. All I can say is they better not be white or I'll be throwing a tantrum, complete with foot-stomping and head-banging. LOL Patrol 2 already got their new vehicle which is a sore point with John and his fellow Patrol 1 driver. Theirs is supposed to come from fleet later this week or early next though so they will no longer be sharing a vehicle with the supervisor over at the county. The big news though is that they are combining the three patrols into two patrols. They will be arranging the hits into two routes and taking the two drivers off the defunct patrol and putting one on each of the two remaining patrols. That should cut down on the overtime issue as well. I can't quite wrap my mind around how they're planning to work it but I guess that's why I'm not a router/scheduler. It should be interesting with their supervisors being 100 miles away in another city though. We're wondering if they're going to have a lighted lucite map of Tucson so they have at least a clue of where the drivers are when they have to call in with an incident. Just joking, of course, but seriously it should be interesting to see how that aspect of it plays out as well. Stay tuned. *grin*

And in other news: Sean is excited because he has no homework tonight and tomorrow is his last day for the week and it's early out as well. They have Thursday, Friday and Monday off. He is less than pleased though that he still has to do a book report as he is of the considered opinion that he should have to do nothing for the rest of the school year since the testing is already over. He did, however, like the fact that I read the same Sherlock Holmes book he chose when I was a 5th grader way back in the dark ages.

Guess that about catches everybody up with life in our corner of the world. I hope everyone has a nice Passover or Easter, depending on which you celebrate and that all is going well for everybody.

Late-breaking news: The polo shirts are...........................GREY!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!! It's a light grey but at least it's not white. Hallelujah! Thank you, Lord. (Yes, I've been praying that they wouldn't be white because I don't like sending my husband off to work in stained clothing.)


MsCaroline said...

Yay for grey! (did you ever get the asphalt stains out of that white one?)Yay for new car, and yay for testing being over! Tell Sean that the stuff they learn between now and the end of the year will be on next year's tests, so he might as well keep learning it. ; )

Wilma said...

Nope, never did get shirt looking right. The front of it is grey too. LOL No way am I telling Sean that. You know what they say about not killing the messenger? Well, I don't want to be the messenger. :/