Saturday, January 29, 2011

The First Saturday

Today was our first Saturday. The guys went out in the afternoon and then we all went out in the evening. One of the stores that John and Sean frequent is going out of business (maybe) and he was having a special sale today and they had promised him that they'd try to go. John had forgotten because he's not used to having Saturdays but Sean remembered and said, "Dad, we promised Rick we'd go to his sale today. We can't let him down. He's expecting us." So off they went. LOL They came home for a few hours and then we decided to go to Arby's since they have chicken again. John really likes it but Sean doesn't eat roast beef in any form. It's a little scary for me as they have "The Great Sesame Ceremony" in their kitchen at the beginning of the shift. I just got beef on an onion roll, dug through it twice like some sort of wild animal and found four stray seeds (which would have put me out of commission for at least three days minimum), prayed I didn't miss any more seeds and took my chances. So far so good but it's only been five hours and it can hit up to ten or so. You can easily see why we don't go there often. After dinner we poked around in Wal-Mart for awhile and then they dropped me off back at home and headed to the swap meet for awhile. I am not a good swap meet companion.

We're having fun dreaming with the tax money. We have a list of needs and wants. Can't wait until it gets here so we can start making some of the dreams reality. At Best Buy I saw a very nice Toshiba netbook for a good price. I am planning on that one. I don't need anything major, just something to access the Internet on that's mine so I don't have to vie for time on Sean's. All I do is listen to my music on YouTube, go to email, go to Facebook, write in my blog and read the blogs I follow. I also surf around and read stuff but nothing very intense. No games or anything like that. If/when I get an iPod I'll be going to iTunes as well. I'm a very boring computer person. To me it's basically just a reading room with communication and music sections. LOL Sean and John are the ones who use computers to the last ounce of their ability.

Incidentally, John's first weekend almost got sabotaged by work. When we were out yesterday he had forgotten his phone on the charger. We didn't worry about it because I had mine so we weren't phoneless. When we got home and he checked it there was a call from work. They wanted him to work a shift over where his friend Russy works. Luckily they had already covered it by the time he called them back. The overtime is nice but we have SOOOOO been looking forward to this first weekend that we were glad he had missed the call. He wasn't in trouble because he's not on call so he doesn't have to be tied to a phone. He also doesn't have to go in if they ask but he's not the kind of person who tells them no unless it's too close to his normal start or stop.

Not much else going on in our corner of the world. I hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Karen said...

I'm glad you guys had a good weekend. Ours was snowstorms, at least. I like your photos, btw, it is the best one of you that I have seen and John looks just like I imagined him. As for Sean, he looks like always...handsome devil that he is!

Wilma said...

Thank you! I think my guys are pretty handsome but I'm a bit biased. :) Glad you didn't have any snowstorms. The computer tells me it's 68 but I'm sitting here with icy fingers, go figure. LOL