Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pod People Have Stolen My Child.........

.........at least temporarily. His Astro Goomba Gashapon went missing and he actually didn't get how he gets. He was calm and cooperative and helped look for it. Of course, he was told that all help and sympathy would evaporate the second he started getting how he gets but that usually doesn't make much difference. It took about two hours to find it. Mom finally found it in a mixed bag in his closet. It had no business being in there but as we've told him, when you can't find stuff where it should be you have to look for it where it shouldn't be. After he found it he had to give Dad the full review of all six of his Gashapons. Sometimes I wonder about the wisdom of encouraging him to do that to help with his speech because he does it all the time and reviews the same toys over and over. I'm glad it helped though and it made him confident to speak in front of others even back when he couldn't be easily understood so I guess it was a good thing.

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