Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Interesting Tuesday

So much for the time improvement. Today it took him almost 35 minutes and he dang near went into a frenzy when Dad told him he needs to start when the alarm goes off and I call "7:30, time to get dressed" and be done by 7:35. Then, just to add insult to injury, he walked out the door without his violin. Luckily I had the phone with me and we had money on both of them so John called when I was at the light waiting to make my U-turn. We had to double back and he had to run upstairs and get it. Needless to say he was NOT a happy camper when he got back downstairs and saw that it was 8:11 and then saw the traffic on the street. Since the bell rings at 8:22 that means he only had about six minutes to play by the time he got there.

At least he had a good day at school so his bad start didn't set the tone for the day. They made moon journals that they have to keep for the next week. He was so proud to show us his. He decorated it in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 motif. The drawings of the robots are excellent, better than any fan art that was ever sent in to the show back in the day. (Wait 'til I post up the Tom Servo he made from Super Sculpey in a few days. LOL) He said to me, "MST3K is space stuff right, Mom?" "Well.....sort of." "We had to decorate it in space stuff so that's how I was able to get away with it." Stifled laughter from Mom, "What did Teacher say about it?" "She didn't really say anything." He's pushing the envelope a little but still within the realm of the requirement. On a bad note, they were 10 minutes late getting out of school today because they wouldn't be quiet. Ours was NOT one of the chatterers. According to Teacher he is very well-behaved and is a teacher's dream. According to us he better be because that's what he's been taught at home. On a side note, his behavior at home has been better. It's been quite a while since we've had to have a 10 Commandments seminar. We have those periodically with particular emphasis on #4: "Honor your father and your mother" and #10: "You shall not covet your neighbor's goods." So hopefully that will continue.

Now to take a total Grand Canyon leap we're going to switch from Sean and school to John and work. Anybody who sees my Facebook statuses may remember that last week and the week before he had to work five extra hours on Monday (his Friday) which made him working from 3PM-4AM. That is no big deal in and of itself but it is when it's because a co-worker doesn't show up and it isn't expected. Well, said co-worker was pulled from Patrol 1 today. They changed up the schedule so that John and the other driver (as hard a worker and as good a guard as John) can handle it between them with no third driver in the mix at all. So now, instead of working 3-11PM Thursday-Monday he'll be working 5-11PM Monday, 5PM-5AM Tuesday, 5PM-4AM Wednesday-Thursday and have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. This will be a much better schedule for us. It will end the hurry to get Sean from school and he and I won't have to walk home from the car wash so that John won't be late. I admit that I will miss those walks though. I enjoyed getting to talk with him and hear about his school day. But this is better. He'll have the same days off as Sean and will be here in the morning to see him off to school and get to spend some time with him before he has to go to work. And the best thing about it is that the change-over isn't going to foul up the pay like it did when he left the parking lots and went to patrol. He finishes out his last day of this pay period on Thursday and then has Fri-Sat-Sun off and starts the new shift on Monday which will be in the next pay period. We're extremely happy, needless to say. *big grin*

Not much else going on. Oh, wait a minute, yes there is! I think the downstairs neighbors might FINALLY be almost done moving out after two weeks. He was in there pounding on the masonry walls making the whole house shake same as when they moved in. I'm assuming they were putting up at that time and taking down today--incidentally, we're not supposed to drill into the masonry, you wouldn't think. We also saw him and a friend carting out the giant wall unit that was right under my chair causing the whole house to shake when they were playing their two-song repertoire (Sweet Home Alabama and Werewolves of London) at full volume. Also, we were privileged to hear yet another fight as he was cracking open the umpteenth beer of the day and found an unpaid bill which had fallen behind said wall unit. Apparently our hunch was right and they are breaking up because he said this was over and he already gave his part and it's her fault this one was missed. All I can say is that at least she got a sudden surge of good taste (as my father would have said) and is leaving the guy. Although personally, I would not have let him back in after he got the aggravated DUI (4x the legal limit) and totalled my car or after he broke the glass table throwing it against the wall, came after me with the table frame and then locked me out causing me to wake the upstairs neighbors (us) at 1:30 in the morning to use the phone to call the police. But that's just me.........I guess some people take awhile to figure things out.

I realize this is long but I warned you I'd be rambling. I'm such a chatterbox on the computer that I know none of you who only know me online would ever believe that I'm actually quiet in person. *grin*


Karen said...

Lol, Wilma. Good riddance to the neighbours! And it's a good thing that they're splitting up, or they might have stayed. Or are they getting evicted?? And those are AWESOME days that John has off! It gives you more time to spend together :-)

Wilma said...

No, they're not getting evicted. They had the first part of their lease over in one of the two bedroom townhomes. They couldn't afford it because he lost his job (you wouldn't think) so they moved into the one bedroom flat below us. He got another job of some sort but he lost that while he was in the county for the DUI. The lease is up on the 31st and she told us when she was up here in the middle of the night crying that she couldn't afford it any more.

John's days off are great. The late start is great too.