Friday, January 28, 2011

Our First Weekend In Years

Today starts the first weekend we've had in years. John has worked at least one weekend day and usually at least part of both since 2008. Now that he has the new schedule his weekend actually started when he got off work last night at 11PM. His work week won't start until Monday at 5PM. We decided to celebrate by eating dinner at Pizza Hut which we haven't done in a long time. After that John took us for a drive out to see where their new hit is. It's an HOA way out of town. For those of you familiar with Tucson, it's past the mission out in the Black Wash Floodway. As John says, "Bring a lunch. You'll need it." They're in trouble if they get an alarm call while they're out there because it will take over an hour to get there and they only have 15 minutes on those. Methinks the powers that be didn't look at a map before adding it to this patrol.

Like I mentioned earlier, we got our taxes done today. Of course, that means that we are dreaming now. First we have to take care of the practical things that need to be done like tires for the car and a few other things that it needs. We also need to pay off a few things as well. After that we get to have some fun. I'm going to get a netbook and an iPod. I miss mine since I let it go last year. John wants to get a laptop and probably an iPod as well. My netbook and his laptop will make things much easier around here as we won't all be vying for time on Sean's laptop. As for Sean, he's dreaming of the 3DS but they don't come out until March 27 so he'll have to wait if he decides on that.

In other news, the crud is still hanging on with John and I. I won't go into gory detail but will suffice it to say that this stage isn't pretty. I just wish it would go away and not return.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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