Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Coldest February 3 In Tucson History

Today has the distinction of being the coldest February 3 on record here in Tucson. While I realize we are not dealing with anything at all in comparison to what those of you in the east are, you also have to realize that our infrastructure is not set up for sub-freezing temperatures. There are many sections of town with no water because the pumps have frozen. There are several sections of town without gas because the towns east of us are using more than usual as they are even colder than we are. Luckily we are okay here at the complex. Our heater is having trouble keeping up with it but we have a space heater which we are sharing between the living room and Sean's room depending on where he is. It normally lives in his room as it is colder in there than it is in the living room. Our house is basically just a big cement block so there is no insulation of any sort. You can see what it looks like in the picture of Sean on the balcony--that's the one across but ours is exactly the same.

In other news, Sean is actually getting a weather day tomorrow. Many of the TUSD schools are closed due to broken water pipes and lack of heat. His is one of them. We are very happy because tomorrow was the last day for Starbase and he didn't want to miss it. He has been sick with a horrible cough for the last two days. He's feeling really puny tonight. As a matter of fact, as I write this he is lying on his bed and unless I miss my guess he is asleep. This is unheard of at 7:55. He is both a night owl and a morning person. Always has been. Never has needed much sleep in direct contrast to his mother who could easily sleep the clock around and then some. LOL

I'm heading off to listen to American Pie as this is the 52nd anniversary of "The day the music died."

Not much else going on in our corner of the world. Everybody stay warm and safe in yours.


Karen said...

It's funny how it gets colder here, and our pipes don't freeze. I guess because you have no insulation? I do remember one place where ours did freeze, had solid ice down my bathtub drain, lol. With your place being cement block does it keep cooler in the summer?

Wilma said...

Many of the pipes here are exposed. As far as this time, some of the pumps froze. They aren't in pump housings like they are in cold country. They just sit out in the open inside a 6-foot chain link fence with razor-wire on top.

The cement block doesn't keep it that much cooler. On the south side of the house where Sean's bed is the wall sometimes feels hot/cold depending on which it is. That is one reason his bed sits about a foot in from the wall.