Sunday, February 13, 2011

Nice Weekend

I am falling into my old ways of not posting regularly on here. I'll have to work on that. I just hope someone is actually reading any of this.

On Friday we finally got the tax money we were dreaming about. I am writing this on my new blue Toshiba netbook that I had mentioned previously. I really like it so far. It's taking a little bit of getting used to because it's different than Sean's Dell but I think I can manage. *grin* I got it on Friday and until today was using the track pad because we got Seanerized in the store and I forgot to buy a mouse. I do NOT like track pads but after several days using one I can say I am getting better at it.

Yesterday we went up to Chandler to the Lego store as there isn't one here in town. Sean's best friend goes there a lot with his parents and Sean has really been wanting to go. He got some new Ninjago stuff and had a whole lot of fun. It was an interesting trip as we found out that I-10 is now 3-lane for a good distance. It was very nice. As you can probably guess we don't get out of town much. It's been over a year since we've been to Phoenix.

Today John and Sean did a "manly-man" adventure and went shopping. John got a new laptop and a printer. He also got new shoes for work and for everyday. Finally got to retire the boots that have the sole separating from the upper. They also got three new shirts for Sean so he will have enough to go a whole week. He should have had enough because when we sorted them a month ago he said two fit that he has since decided don't. Oh well..........Now he has enough. These new ones should last for quite awhile as they bought them very large as is the style. They also got me a M*A*S*H t-shirt. I haven't tried it on yet but it should be nice and loose for relaxing in.

We don't normally do anything for Valentine's but last night he came home with a rose for me. Then today he got me a small box of chocolates and some Girl Scout cookies. Very nice surprises.

Also, lest you think we haven't done anything practical with the money, we did. We paid off a few things we owed and we got two brand-new tires for the car to replace the two bald ones.

Tomorrow John starts his work-week again and Sean heads back to school. The weekends pass way too quickly. He only works four days though and then he's off again. They're overnights though, except for tomorrow when he only works six and is off at 11PM and home by 11:30.

Not much else going on in our little corner. Hope everyone had a great weekend and will have a good week.


Karen said...

Cool stuff, Wilma! Nice to hear that you all got some things that you wanted, and needed. My laptop is a Toshiba..and so far, so good. I had to look up "netbook" on google, as I wasn't quite sure what it was. I used that pad thing for about a week. I improved with use, but in the end I really wanted a mouse. Doing Photoshop without a mouse is torture! Enjoy your goodies!

Wilma said...

We are having fun with them. I don't do photoshop or anything. The computer to me is basically a reading room with a communication and listening section. LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad you are having fun. I always hated a track pad but since getting my laptop I now use one. I did get used to it! Valentine's surprises are nice...we are not big into it but Neil usually gets me tulip which satisfies my deep yearnings for spring. He also gets the girls' roses and an action figure for Josh. This year we are going out to dinner, tomorrow night in fact. Should be fun. You saw on facebook that I am feeling weird tonight...wicked mood swings. On a upswing now, which is nice!

Karen said...

Hey, that wasn't supposed to be anonymous!