Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not Much Going On

Life in our corner of the world has been pretty quiet lately. That's pretty much a good thing. No homework blow-ups. No crazy neighbors downstairs. Well, they fight like cats and dogs and the language is lovely but at least they do it during decent hours and it hasn't expanded into our house. John's in the 4th week of the new schedule and it seems to be working out okay. It will be better when Sean finally has a week where he's in school every day of the week so John's sleep isn't interrupted. This week he has Thursday and Friday off for Rodeo. Looking forward to meeting some friends from Canada this weekend. I haven't seen them in 30 years so I'm really looking forward to showing off my family. I never get to do that. Hopefully the rest of the week will remain calm and relaxed the way it has started.

Hope everyone is having a good week as well.

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