Sunday, February 27, 2011

Circle of Life

Yesterday we met up with some friends of mine whom I haven't seen in about 30 years, a mother and son. It struck me how even though we haven't seen each other since I was a teenager, he was about 7 and his mother was my age it seemed as though the missing years weren't even there. We just talked and enjoyed each other's company the same as if a weekend outing to the Desert Museum was just an ordinary thing. I mean, there were differences of course. For one thing I got to introduce and show off my husband and son whom they had never met. That was wonderful for me because I don't very often get to do that. We had a great and wonderful time and hated to see it end because who knows if we will ever see each other again since we live in Arizona and they live in Ontario. I guess because he and I were still kids when we last saw each other it really struck us how many years have passed and how different things are. My parents are gone, his father/her husband is gone and he is no longer a little guy but rather the living image of his father and my son is older than he was back then. I guess that is the way the circle of life continues--he looks like his father, my son looks like my father and we think about all of them who have gone ahead and the fun times we had. In these ways maybe they live on physically as well as in our minds.

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